Les Clés du Phare


Frequently asked questions

We invite you to read the description of each in the section “Properties”.
For the most part, we accept stays of 2 nights or more, excluding holidays.

Is included in the reservation:

– the exit cleaning,
– assistance during the stay,
– linen in our villas (optional for the apartments).

See rental contract description.

With some exceptions, the balance of your stay as well as the deposit must be paid by check or transfer, 30 days before your arrival or when the signed contract is sent for last minute reservations. If exceptionally you have to pay us on site, this can only be done by check, cash or credit card via a link sent by email to be validated in our presence and must be in euros.
Upon receipt of the contract, 25% of the rental is payable.

Yes, a contract is systematically sent to you. It must be returned to us signed as soon as possible along with the 25% deposit to validate the rental.

Yes, a deposit check is required for all rentals to be sent to us with the balance 30 days prior.

A Les Clés du Phare rental manager will be waiting for you in the rental at the time of the appointment or in the agency depending on our availability that day. You will have taken care to make an appointment with us the week before your arrival. The exact address of the rental appears on your contract as well as on the Welcome Book which is sent to you upon receipt of the balance and the deposit.
When the keys are returned, the rental is checked by one of our agents and if no damage is found, the security deposit is re-credited to your account or the check destroyed within 15 days of your receipt. departure. If the deposit was made in cash, it will be returned to you by wire transfer. In the event of degradation or damage, the cost of repairs will be deducted from your deposit and only the balance (if there is one) will be returned to you. The recovery time will depend on the extent of the damage.

In general, for all reasons, you cannot return the apartment in the condition in which it was given to you:

  • broken dishes,
    TV, Hifi damaged,
  • furniture destroyed,
    soiled or damaged walls and upholstery,
  • broken mirrors and windows,
  • paintings and or objects broken or missing,
  • flood or fire (we remind you that it is mandatory to provide us with a resort certificate),
  • sofa, armchairs, chairs stained or broken.

90% of our rentals are equipped with a Wifi system: Box or 4G key.
Some do not yet have WiFi; read the ad carefully before booking.

Respecting each person and their environment, our rentals are non-smoking. If you use the exterior of the rental (balcony, terrace, garden) for smoking, please remember to clean your dirty butts and / or ashtrays at the end of your stay.

In general, animals are not allowed. If you wish to obtain an exemption, do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember to bring the necessary toiletries because you will not find shower gel or shampoo in the rentals except in exceptional cases.

You have the obligation to return the rentals in the state of cleanliness in which you found it (or at least the kitchen in the event of cleaning included). To do this, in 90% of our rentals, you will find the necessary products and materials.

It means no damage, no breakage.
The bins emptied, the dishes cleaned and put away, the fridge emptied, the kitchen in a fair state of cleanliness, the floors swept, the beds unmade and folded.

If the rental reservation schedule allows, we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Yes, as long as the maximum number of people the rental can accommodate is respected. If an infringement is noted, Les Clés du Phare will be free to suspend the rental or not.

Yes, our site is set up in such a way that you can have an accurate assessment of your stay, without confirming it. Be careful not to wait too long to book when a rental is announced free because our rentals are also listed on other online booking sites.

In the event of a serious problem: water leak, power failure … call us without hesitation, we will bring in the competent services as soon as possible.
For less important concerns, send us an SMS or an email with supporting photos if possible or necessary and we will handle the problem as far as we can.

More than 30 days before the date of arrival, 25% of the total amount of the stay + 80 € administration fees will be charged, and between 30 days and the date of arrival the entire stay will be retained.

Arrivals are most often from 4 p.m. but do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to arrive earlier and the schedule allows.
Departures are scheduled for 10 a.m.

No, in high season, arrivals and departures are only from Saturday to Saturday except at the last minute if the schedule allows it.

For many of the properties there are these amenities, however please do not hesitate to have this confirmed before the start of your stay.